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The fascinating migration of tuna

They are the most sought after fish in the world: Tuna. For over 4000 years fishermen have been catching tuna during their migration through the Mediterranean. During the antiquity they were hailed as the “manna of the oceans”. Only since the industrial offshore fishing industry became a major market during the 20th century, has the gourmet community become a threat to the tuna population. Most of the tuna species are overfished and some of them are endangered. Only 8% of the once giant tuna population is left.

The German oceanographic biologist Boris Frentzel-Beyme is on the search for tuna that migrate from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean from April to June in order to spawn. A research vessel takes him from the Atlantic coast of Morocco to the Turkish Aegean Sea. He visits all spots where the spawning grounds of the tuna are believed to be and meets up with fishermen and experts on location. Frentzel-Beyme dives into the fascinating world of the Mediterranean ocean und meets rare and never before filmed sea creatures in their unusual environment.

The scientists take a detour into great depth with modern deep diving technology and discover unknown wrecks, hot vents and the rare bluntnose Sixgill- and Ragged Tooth Shark. In Croatia they encounter the largest fish of the northern oceans, the Basking Shark. Furthermore they find the Megadolon White Shark and the Giant Mako, two very large predators that lived in the Tethys Ocean thirty million years ago, where the Mediterranean is located today. The pictures are created in extravagant HDCGI.

A fascinating documentary that will stir up emotions and shows the steady decline of a fish in very highly demand and its elegant hunters. The film also shows the beauty and large variety of species in the Mediterranean that still exists today!

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