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LoveJacked | Full Comedy Sci-Fi Movie | Funny Conspiracy About Weaponized Love

LoveJacked – Full Length HD Movie – Comedy, Sci-Fi, Conspiracy Film – English

LoveJacked is a comedy that combines college students, the military, and weaponized love! In this zany conspiracy film, students risk it all to expose a sinister clandestine military project bent on chemically controlling and manipulating the emotion and effects of romance. By creating and editing the very film you’re about to watch, mysterious masked activist Chad Chance risks it all to expose the government-funded company Chemitrope, who has been testing the drug without the knowledge of those involved. Soon, suspicion and betrayal spread through both sides of the conflict, and it becomes near impossible to discern who is and who isn’t “LoveJacked.”

Release year: 2017
Director: Chad Chance
Stars: Chelsea Rae Bernier, Chad Chance, Ted Ferguson

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