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The Returned | Sci-Fi Drama | People Cured of Zombie Virus Movie | Emily Hampshire Starring

The Returned – Full Length HD Movie – Sci-Fi, Drama, Crime Film – English – Starring Emily Hampshire

The Returned is not your typical zombie movie. The film is suspenseful sci-fi drama about life in a post-zombie world. An outbreak has been stopped thanks to a miracle drug that temporarily turns those infected with the zombie virus back to human form. Those former zombies, must take the “Returned” protein drug every day for the rest of their lives. Kate leads a research team searching for a possible permanent cure to the zombie virus. Her boyfriend, Alex, is among the “returned”, but he hides that fact from everyone except Kate. As stock of the protein runs low, chaos hits the streets. Kate fortunately has a colleague who gives her some smuggled drugs to help Alex maintain his daily dosage. However, time is running out for Alex to remain human…

“Refreshingly intelligent, subversive and psychologically terrifying. It’s much more than your average zombie film.” – NYC Movie Guru
“The Returned is a zombie movie without the zombies, generating scares through social commentary and human nature, which actually makes for a welcome change of pace.” – We Got This Covered
“Cuttingly sharp and incisive sci-fi horror.” – Flick Filosopher

Tagline: Neither Zombies… Nor Humans
Release year: 2013
Director: Manuel Carballo
Writers: Hatem Khraiche (story), Hatem Khraiche
Stars: Emily Hampshire, Kris Holden-Ried, Shawn Doyle

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