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Chasing Robert Barker | Full Thriller Film | Gripping Drama About Paparazzi

Chasing Robert Barker – Full Length HD Movie – Thriller, Drama, Crime Film – English

Chasing Robert Barker is a provocative drama/thriller that focuses on a conflicted paparazzi photographer. Dave, a once-talented photographer, is a shadow of his former self. To make money, he becomes a paparazzo. When Dave captures actor Robert Barker leaving a restaurant with a young girl (who isn’t his wife), his picture makes the front page thanks to a story fabricated by journalist who has a personal vendetta against Barker. Soon, the tabloid Dave works for demands even more gossip-page fodder about Robert Barker. Pressured to come up more material, Dave is pushed to his mental and physical limits in order to survive.

Release year: 2015
Director: Daniel Florencio
Writers: Daniel Florencio (story), Daniel Florencio
Stars: Gudmundur Thorvaldsson, Patrick Baladi, Hilda Péter

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