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Reaper | Danny Trejo Supernatural Horror Film | Jake Busey, Vinnie Jones Co-Starring

Reaper is a sci-fi horror crime movie starring Danny Trejo, Vinnie Jones, and Jake Busey. The film packs every motif and setting available to horror and crime films: the mafia, a cult leader, supernatural powers, a haunted hotel, and a psycho slasher.

In the movie, a beautiful hitchhiker runs into drug runner, who is carrying out a pick-up for his tough criminal boss. Later on, the pair meet Jack (Danny Trejo) at the suitably named ‘Last Chance Hotel,’ and it doesn’t take long before they encounter a supernatural killer/Reaper, who is lurking around looking for sinners (his next victims). The Reaper is a former ordained preacher of a murderous cult that escapes his death row fate when an electrical fault occurs during his execution. This gives him the ability to control electricity and to fry his victims. Who will survive this “shocking” ordeal?

Tagline: Sinners Be Warned
Film genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Crime
Release year: 2014
Director: Wen-Han Shih (as Philip Shih)
Writers: Mark James, James Jurdi
Stars: Danny Trejo, Vinnie Jones, Jake Busey

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