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Random Karma (2017 Movie, HD, Drama Film, Full Length, English) *full free movies*

Entire Flick, Full Movie, HD Movie, Action, Crime, Drama, Full Length Feature Film, English, Original Language: 2017 Film, Random Karma, (2017), Runtime 1h 45min, Action, Crime, Drama.

An Iraqi war veteran with PTSD and his naïve martial arts students get mixed up with mobsters and dirty cops.

Director: Randy Paul Ayres
Writers: Randy Paul Ayres (story), Randy Paul Ayres
Stars: Jake Baker, Jake Baker, Jake Baker

Director: Randy Paul Ayres

Random Karma was an official selection to play at the Action on Film Festival in Las Vegas on August 21st 2017.

Storyline: Random Karma is a drama about an Iraq war veteran and his enthusiastic martial art students who get mixed up with mobsters and dirty cops It’s a film about being in a cage and getting out of a cage, about losing a family and gaining a family, and about overcoming obstacles.

Los Angeles, CA, – April 10, 2017 – The digital age has created a space where more people have access to making Hollywood quality films without Hollywood sized budgets. New filmmakers, like Randy Ayres, MD, have taken advantage of lessons from master teachers online and YouTube tutorials from sources like Film Riot, MZED and Philip Bloom. Ayres applied his DIY learning to create his new independent feature film, Random Karma, an official selection of the 2017 Nice International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema.

Ryan Connolly from Film Riot was a major inspiration for Ayres during the production of Random Karma. Through the Film Riot YouTube channel, Connolly shares hundreds of short films, then shows his audience how he pulled them off. Ayres directly applied lessons from “so many of Film Riot’s episodes covering gear reviews, fight choreography, music video lighting technique, and cinematography with fog.” Ayres says thanks to Film Riot he was “able to get the right movie making tools for Random Karma, quickly capture coverage with lots of angles, push through and get everything needed in post without having to reshoot anything or do any ADR.”

As many filmmakers know, creating an efficient workflow is key to completing a project within budget and on time. Through MZed classes with Alex Buono, Ayres learned professional workflow and set management. “[Buono’s] SNL style approximates the run-n-gun, guerilla shooting that Indie filmmakers have to master. “We never have enough of anything, especially time, and we still have to get it done. Alex works under the gun like that every week and gets it on air every Saturday night at 11:00 not because it’s ready but because it’s 11:00. He’s the real deal and I was so lucky to learn from him.”

Vincent Laforet was another major influence to Ayres work. MZed offered a course on directing motion from the Pulitzer Prize winning photographer. Ayres shared, “[Laforet] taught me the value of moving a camera and how to move it by studying the masters including some amazing single take tracking shots from Children of Men, Goodfellas, and True Detective–plus lighting, framing, composition, and professional workflow on set.”

Ayres was heavily influenced by former BBC cinematographer Philip Bloom and feels he was instrumental in his online education. Ayers relied on Bloom’s expertise with the Canon C 100 camera to create specific looks for his film. “Bloom does so many awesome videos and blog posts. He does excellent detailed gear reviews/demos and gives away so much technical and artistic wisdom.”

Check out Ayres application of his master class lessons in the new independent feature film Random Karma, an official selection of the 2017 Nice International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema. Random Karma has been nominated by the 2017 Nice International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in the following categories: Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Editor, Best Original Screenplay and Best Lead Actor.

The Nice Festival runs May 14-19, 2017. For showtimes and more information about the festival please go to their website: http://filmfestinternational.com/nice/

Random Karma won Best Feature Film and Best Sound Design at the 2017 London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema.

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