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Waking David (Award Winning Full Movie, HD, Drama, English, Entire Flick) *free full movies*

AWARD WINNING Entire Flick, Full Movie, HD Movie, Full Length Feature Film, English, Original Language: Waking David (2016), Runtime 1h 29min, Drama, 2016 (UK).

Ask no questions, hear no lies…

Director: Kevin Nash
Writers: Kristy Bruce, Shane Bruce
Stars: Kristy Bruce, Shane Bruce, Mark Katz

“Waking David” is about the lack of communication within an entire family. A family constructed by some emotionally damaged members, and the current state of kinship-disarray is exasperated due to massive shortages of honest discourse. Director Kevin Nash introduces us to this mystery, one in which every on-screen character – apparently – knows the answer to it, except for Scarlett. Due to Scarlett’s nature, however, she is determined to find answers to her open questions. Since we, the audience, seek similar answers, this places Scarlett in a valuable lead protagonist role.

A family drama of powerful intensity, Kevin Nash’s debut feature takes its cue from the Mike Leigh playbook. A young American woman arrives in England seeking to reconnect with her father’s family, only to find them peculiarly reticent about her arrival. Delving deeper, she slowly uncovers a web of trauma, deceit and repressed memory attached to her father’s legacy. Brimming with excellent performances and powerful scenes of dramatic revelation, Nash’s control of a drama predominantly set in one house is impressive, especially given that the performances here are largely improvised.

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Scarlett, a successful American health psychologist, passes through London for a conference. Yet her goal is to meet Amy, her hitherto unknown half-sister, and to find out about their father, David, who died 10 years earlier – and whom she’d never met. She spends the weekend with Amy and Amy’s mother, Julie. Scarlett soon finds that she is less than welcome in Julie’s household and that there is a wall of silence about David. Even so, during the course of the weekend, the relationship between Amy and Scarlett softens and they begin to accept each other. Amy starts to open up about David, revealing a caring father and husband. However, the same night, during dinner with the whole family, serious doubts are cast on the image of David that Amy had conveyed to Scarlett. As the evening progresses, Scarlett digs deeper. When the truth is finally revealed, it shatters the stability of the family, causing all of the family and Scarlett to reassess their relationship to one another.

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