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Inner Worlds Outer Worlds (Part 3: “The Serpent and the Lotus”, Full Documentary) *full docs free*

“Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds” is a free full documentary about consciousness (striking Buddhism, Taoism and Yogic traditions of India, chakra and hatha yoga, etc.).

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WIKIPEDIA: Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds is a documentary film created by Canadian film maker and meditation teacher Daniel Schmidt. The film was released in 2012. The film was released for free online. It has been narrated in English, French, Spanish, German and Hindi and there are subtitles for 17 languages. The movie won a number of awards at film festivals, including the Award of Excellence at the Canada International Film Festival. The film’s creator Daniel Schmidt is a Canadian film maker and is also a musician and meditation teacher. Schmidt studied various forms of meditation before making the film including, the traditions of Buddhism, Taoism and the Yogic traditions of India. He also studied various mystical traditions from various cultures. The film was created by Schmidt with support from his wife Eva Dametto. Schmidt wrote the screenplay, composed an original music score, created the fractal flame imagery, directed, edited, produced and funded the film. The film drew on his background in philosophy, his experience in the television, music and animation industries, and his personal enthusiasm for meditation. Eva Dametto is a performing and visual artist, a teacher of chakra and hatha yoga, and an expressive arts practitioner. She was involved in the shaping and editing process and also created and performed some of the mantras in the film. The film incorporates footage of water vibration from German cymatics researcher Alexander Lauterwasser. The 2012 confirmation of the existence of the Higgs Boson or the “God Particle” was incorporated in the film. The film also includes fractal animation footage from artist Jock Cooper as well as music from the Australian musician Indiajiva. During the production of the film, Daniel and Eva decided that it would be released for free.

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