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In the Hands of the Gods (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

The dream to travel across the world to meet the greatest footballer who ever lived began with five very different lads united by one thing: their passion for freestyle and its Godfather, Diego Maradona. The boys first encountered each other on the UK freestyle circuit as friendly rivals, with the exception of Jeremy, who only got into freestyle when Woody spotted him practising one day and was so struck by his talent he took him under his wing. A natural leader, Woody was also the one to come up with what initially seemed the crazy dream of going In The Hands of the Gods… For Woody and his four friends, Diego Maradona is the pioneer of their art and had always been their hero and inspiration. Like them, he had also had a tough upbringing and been through difficult times. So deep was their love for him that together they hatched a plan to see if they could travel 15,000 miles from the UK all the way to Argentina, to track down one of the most elusive men on the planet. With no money for food, accommodation or travel, they would have to rely on their football skills and street smarts to hustle their way across the world. They rose to their first challenge in managing to ‘blag’ five free flights to New York. Then they could set off on their incredible, life-changing journey, but with no idea where they would sleep at night, where their next meal was coming from or how they could possibly afford to travel the thousands of miles that lay between them and their ultimate goal. This film is about five boys trying to achieve the impossible and prove something to a world that they felt didn’t believe in them. The result is a coming-of-age adventure that takes them thousands of miles from every reminder of home and in so doing brings them face to face with themselves.

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